Five Things Friday: iPhone app Edition

I recently became a proud iPhone owner thanks to rain damage sustained to my Blackberry whilst rocking out to Portugal. The Man at Lollapalooza. I gotta say, it feels good to be rid of my “1998 technology” as my buddy (and longtime iPhone user) Andy likes to say.

In honor of Steve Jobs announcing his resignation as the CEO of Apple, I thought I would share the 5 apps that have made my iPhone experience so freakin’ awesome.

1. instagram

Since before I owned an iPhone, I’ve had instagram envy. I love being able to take a photo, put on a sweet looking filter and share it with my friends not only on instagram but also with the option to share on Twitter and Facebook. I like it so much that it has actually decreased my Tumblr usage quite a bit.


2. OKCupid

I’ve been a fairly avid user of OKCupid over the past couple years, and the iPhone app is really awesome. The Local feature plays off of the grindr format in that it allows you to see who is local and available to hang out right then and there. I haven’t taken advantage of meeting someone through this feature yet, but it’s definitely something I might be open to when I’m out on the town in Boston.

3. Kik Messenger

The one feature I knew I was going to miss about my Blackberry was bbm. Kik messenger is the iPhone equivalent. While it isn’t super necessary because the iPhone texting format is basically the same as chatting, it’s still nice to have a messaging tool that feels somewhat exclusive.



Uhhh. I don’t think I really even need to explain why this is so awesome. Thanks to this app, I can take Don Draper on the T with me every morning on my way to work. Waiting for a friend that is going to be half an hour or so late? BAM. An episode of Party Down at your fingertips. Netflix is just generally one of the best things ever, but it in an app and its even better.


5. Catch the T

Out at the bar and wondering if you’re going to be able to hit up last call and still make the last T home? Wonder no more. If you rely on the Orange, Red or Blue line to get home, Catch the T has you covered. You can check times by line and station and it gives you three options to take (assuming its early enough to have three options left). It’s the only app I’ve paid money for, and I’m sure its going to prove itself worthy.

Have an iPhone app that you can’t live without? Share it in the comments!

Five things Friday: Early Edition

I’m posting a bit early because I have to be at the office at 6:30 am for a physical service day. Hope ya’ll don’t mind! 

1) Physical Service

Me and my buddy Nick mulching at the 2010 Great American Litter Clean Up.

Today marks the last time I will be doing a physical service project with City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley. After two years of working into the night to trace murals and showing up super early to set up paint stations and greet volunteers, I can’t believe its over. Physical service is one of my absolute favorite aspects of the City Year program. I really hope that I can participate in service events with City Year Boston in the coming years.

If you’re interested in checking out some of the amazing service projects our site has done this past year, check out our Flickr collection.

2) Literally Unbelievable

So I love The Onion. I even showed it to my students last year as part of newspaper club to explain to them what satire was. One of the funniest (or saddest depending on how you look at it) things about The Onion is that people are stupid enough to think that it is actual news.

I just started following this Tumblr account that shows when people post Onion articles on their Facebook as truths. If you need a good laugh or a reminder of how idiotic people can be, check them out and follow them. I get at least one good laugh a day.

3) All Stats

Speaking of Tumblr, two of my buddies created a really awesome account called All Sats. Basically it takes two of my favorite social media personas (The Creative and Information Sharer) and puts them together in a really clever way.

Oh, you should follow them on Twitter too.

4) Romney 2012

It’s official. Mitt Romney is running for President of the good ‘ol US of A.

If I was a betting person (which I’m not… I wasn’t allowed to bet on sports when I played college soccer due to NCAA rules and still haven’t shaken that fear) I’d say he has a pretty decent shot.

I’m actually a fan. I mean, hell, the dude even looks like a president. I’m even impressed with his website; which is saying a lot for a Republican candidate. If he wins the nomination, it will be one heck of a presidential election. That’s for sure.

5) Twitter Upgrade

According to an article in the Mercury News, Twitter is planning some pretty awesome (and long awaited) upgrades in terms of photo sharing. Pretty soon, you will be able to upload photos right through the site and soon after that, they will roll out the feature for aps to be used on the iphone (which I reaaally need to purchase… my Blackberry just isn’t cutting it anymore).

I’m excited for this. Now if Netflix would expand their library, all of my Internet needs would be met.