Experiencing UBUNTU

I wanted to say this in a Facebook post, but as I started thinking about what I wanted to say it definitely warranted a longer form…

Just had a really stressful day – work was crazy, wasn’t really that prepared for class tonight. Was feeling pretty down as I headed to the T to go home.

Ended up seeing three City Year Boston corps members on the Orange Line. Admittedly, a lot of times I don’t introduce myself to the corps members – especially when I’m in a crap mood and don’t want to talk to anyone in general.

But I decided to go over to them and introduce myself. Turned out they were on their way home from the Idealist.org graduate fair in Boston which they went to after a long day of service.

After talking to them a bit, getting to know them and such, a blonde girl sitting next to them quipped up when she heard I was from Rochester. She told me that not only was she from upstate NY (Syracuse area) but she was currently serving in Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) here in Boston.

I’m hosting my friend Daniel Becton at my apartment this week who is in his fourth week of Project UBUNTU, an incredible journey of service that I have been helping him with for the past couple years.

It was this moment on the T, and moments I have experienced regularly since I began my service, that remind me why I do what I do. I got off at my stop and my mood was instantly brightened. Today was hard, but it was a lot harder for these corps members who served in school all day then took the time to really explore their options for the future.

It made me thankful that I had that experience and energized me to know that the work I do brings these inspiring young people together to make a difference in the lives of students who need them and shapes them as individuals and leaders. 


  1. This is some good stuff Baker! Sorry your day sucked abut is sounds like it ended well! It is so important that we stop and “smell the roses.” I found that it is so easy for me to get caught up in the stress of life that I lose track of why I do the things that I do.

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