3 Guilty Pleasures YOU Should Indulge In

This may surprise those of you who know me personally, but I am usually a little bit late to jumping on certain bandwagons. Why? I don’t want to invest my time in something until I know for sure it will be worth it… or at least until my friends nag me enough that I will jump on to make them get off my freakin’ case (I say that with plenty of love).

Here are a few guilty pleasures that I have finally succumbed to (literally all of them within the last week or two) and think that you should, too:


A lot of you are probably using Pinterest, and a lot of you are probably wondering what the hell it is. Essentially, it is a set of dream boards where you can post things you love such as home decor, recipes, wedding ideas, fashion, etc. I single those things out because besides pictures of puppies and photography, that’s about all it is…. and I cannot get enough.

This article on good.is talks about how Pinterest brings out the inner Aspirational Housewife in all of us, which I think is a fair assessment. While I can’t bring myself to pin about my future (potential, yet unlikely) nuptials, I do enjoy pinning about beers I love, the little bit of style I have and stuff I want in my future home.

(You should totally follow my boards).

Scramble with Friends

Just like flash mobs, Words with Friends is so last year. If you’re sick of waiting hours or even days to make a single move against your friends, then you should check out Scramble with Friends. Best described as a fast paced digital Boggle, you get two minutes to make as many words as possible with an arranged block of letters.

My description really isn’t giving it the justice it deserves. Download it on your smart phone and challenge me to a match. I’ll take you! (Just don’t be one of those jerks who cheats).

The Hunger Games

I think this is the fad I held out the longest on. People kept promising me I would love it, but the premise seemed weird.

“No, no! It’s totally awesome…. a bunch of kids get thrown into an arena and have to fight to the death. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

After ignoring my friends for months, I finally picked up the first book in the series about a week and a half ago now. Before I knew it, I burned through the entire three book series in a week…. and I’m in grad school! I definitely have other crap I should be reading!

My friends were totally right – it is a really well crafted story that is an exciting, quick read. Now I can’t wait to see the first movie, which comes out on March 23.

Check out the trailer here.

So folks, I’m giving you free reign to take on these awesome guilty pleasures… take my word for it, you’ll thank me.

Do you have any guilty pleasures to share? What should I be geeking out over next?


  1. puke. pinterest is the death of all relationships. i said it once and ill say it and support my statement allllllll day

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