Personal brand – beginning from the womb?

There seems to be a growing debate on whether or not its a good idea for parents to document their children’s lives on social media networks.

For some, its natural to post away. You share every other part of your life, so why not this one? It starts with the ultrasound pictures, continues on with monthly updates of the baby bump, and as soon as the baby makes its appearance into the world…

Lights, Camera, Action!

Before continuing on in this post, I would like to point out that I don’t have children so I have no idea what it feels like to make this kind of decision. I also do not have strong feelings either way on whether or not parents should post photos/stories of their children online. I do however, thoroughly enjoy a lot of the content! 

I’m writing this to ask a philosophical question – In today’s society, when does your personal brand begin?

It used to be the only time you had to worry about grandma whipping out embarrassing baby photos of you when you brought a date over for dinner. Now, with a swift click of the “Tag” button, that shit can go viral before you can say “Ohhh, Grandma.”

I personally don’t have any baby photos of myself online (which is truly a travesty, I was an adorable baby). But I wonder what life would be like if they all were. After a job interview, would my potential employer who is more than likely trying to stalk me on Facebook see all of my baby photos? What impact would that have on me getting that job or being taken seriously?

If I had grown up using social media, what would my usage be like now? Would I share absolutely everything without a filter? Odds are, there would be naked photos of me all over the Internet (as a baby… get your head out of the gutter), so what difference would it make?

And when does the personal brand leave the hands of the parent and go to the hands of the child? With the route Facebook is taking, they clearly want our entire life accessible to our contacts with the click of a button. It’s like we’re all living our very own Truman Show, but we’re embracing it. But how much of their own brand will they be held accountable for when things were getting posted about them before they could even walk, let alone use a computer?

I’d love to hear what people think about this.

Are you a parent who has chosen to not post photos of your child? Why?

Do you post about you children? In doing so, do you consider what the potential impacts could be?

Is this really not a big deal at all?

You tell me.


  1. As a parent we feel the need to share our excitement and pride in our children from the day they are born until they day we die. We will always be their parents and they will always be our children. Sharing a photo of a moment in time with loved ones in one thing, sharing an embarrassing moment is another. At almost 50 years old, do I want my kids to post the image of me online dressed up as Wonder Women on Halloween sure…what can it hurt. But do my kids want me to post their first time making no 2 in the toilet…I think not. We have become a society where the line has been almost erased between what is private and what is not. With the way our kids use facebook today there is no longer a need, it seems, to worry about the skeletons in their closet because the closet door is always open. As parents we don’t need to add to the embarrassment they already heap upon themselves, we just need to do our best to help them understand that some things are better left unsaid or not posted.
    I can’t remember who gave me this analogy, it refers to spreading rumors, but I think it works well with our current loss of control on social media. Spreading a rumor about someone, (or posting an image of them on line) is like ripping open a feather pillow and letting the wind carry the feathers away…once the feathers are caught up in the wind, try as we may we can never collect all of the feathers and put them back in the pillow…there will always be part of that pillow floating around out there…even after we remove the post.

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