Beer: A Love Affair

There are only a few things that I don’t mind spending money on:

  • My education (I have the student loans to prove it)
  • Apple products
  • A good meal
  • Great beer

I honestly can’t stand when I hear people say that they don’t like beer… “I just don’t like the taste of it” is the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard. If all you’ve ever tried is Keystone or Coors Light (which are brewed in the same barrels by the way) then OF COURSE you don’t like beer.

That’s like me saying I don’t like steak when all I’ve ever had is a steak quesadilla from Taco Bell (still delicious in my opinion). I truly believe that there is a filet mignon of beer for everyone, you just have to find it.

Dave LaPenna's home brew around the holidays. He's one of the best home brewers I know!

To be transparent, I haven’t always been this into beer. I have swigged my share fair of Natty Lights and Molson XXX’s. In college, I didn’t give a crap what the beer tasted like. When the bartender asked me what I wanted, I always just went for what was cheapest. I just didn’t know any better.

The first time I realized there were beers outside of Labatt Blue and the occasional Blue Moon was when I went down to New Orleans for an alternative spring break and I tried the local beer, Abita. After that, I started taking a closer look at the beer offerings when I went out for dinner or casual drinks (not the crazy outings with my college friends… our typical haunts didn’t have very, uh, diverse, offerings).

Moving to California after my senior year of college piqued my interest in beers again. I had never really drank any west coast beers, so I dabbled in Gordon Biersch and Sierra Nevada. Not exactly microbrews, but different from what I was used to.

Lucky for me, I became really good friends with a teacher at the school I worked at who opened my eyes to a whole new world of beer. While our tastes were the exact opposites (she’s into super hoppy beers and I am not) it was really awesome exploring different breweries and beers together.

A couple beers I picked up at Blanchards today... I tried the Scotch Ale at Beer Summit. The Lagunitas is a limited release that I had to try!

(Click here to check out my favorite breweries in Northern California.)

And now, I find myself in Boston living a ten minute walk away from the Sam Adam’s Brewery.

Boston is pretty much a beer lover’s dream. There are all kinds of great bars and pubs with excellent beer lists, and there is a quarterly Beer Summit where you can sample brews from 50+ breweries. It’s heaven.

One of the things I have started to really appreciate about beer lately is the seasonal offerings. I never really paid attention to seasonals until I moved out here and started going to Beer Summit and checking out the offerings at Blanchards, a liquor/beer/wine store with an excellent selection.

While there are still some lingering winter ales on tap around Boston, for the most part, you can get some good spring brews.

Right now, my favorite spring beer is Sam Adams Alpine Spring. If you can get your hands on it, I definitely recommend trying it. And while this isn’t a seasonal, I also highly recommend trying Allagash White Ale. Definitely the perfect beer to get you excited for spring to arrive.

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Have a great beer suggestion? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Flatterry will get you everywhere!
    Let me know when you’re ready to go into sales/marketing.
    I’ll brew. You sell. We’ll become rich and famous together.
    Well, rich anyways!

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