Revisiting my 2011 Resolutions

As cliche as it may seem, I’m actually a really big fan of New Year’s. Over the past couple years I’ve really gotten into self reflection and personal goal setting, and the first of the year is such a natural time to wipe the slate clean and think about what you want to accomplish, and what matters most to you.

Last year I wrote a blog post about what I hoped to achieve in 2011 called New Year, New Goals. I thought it might be a good idea to revisit those resolutions and see how I did…

1) Get accepted and enroll in graduate school to study communication/organizational communication: Mission accomplished. I was accepted to RIT and Emerson College, and decided to enroll at Emerson because the program was more of what I was looking for and because I wanted to move to Boston.

2) Keep up with my own personal branding: Meh. I’d give myself about a 65% success on this. While I did make certain moves forward such as purchasing this blog’s url and starting Youtube and Flickr accounts, I could have done a better job. I’ve found this to be challenging because my job is social media marketing for an organization, so when I get home it’s pretty much the last thing I want to do.

3) Learn how to do basic film editing: This was a success. Pretty early on into 2011 I started playing around with iMovie and since then, I have edited videos for City Year, including the It Gets Better video, which I am extremely proud of.

4) Keep up with (important) current events: This resolution was two-fold. First, I wanted to stop reading celebrity blogs as often as I was (Perez, Dlisted, etc.) and secondly, I wanted to do more research than just CNN headlines. I barely look at those blogs anymore and I listen to NPR every morning on my commute, and due to the nature of my job, I keep up to date with education reform news.

5) Vote: Didn’t do this. I really need to register to vote in MA.

6) Be more open to receiving feedback: I think I’ve definitely improved in this area, but I do still get married to my ideas sometimes. Luckily for me, I’ve had some really great managers and leaders in City Year (both in San Jose and at HQ) whose opinions I highly value and who give great advice and constructive criticism.

7) Get back in shape: Haha. Well, I did this for awhile my first few months in Boston. I would go running almost everyday; but once the weather got colder, I sort of dropped off with it.

8) Get some manners: Those of you who know me know I can have a potty mouth. I actually do think that got a little bit better (for the most part anyways). I’ve also been better about not being on my phone all the time in meetings, etc. I usually try to leave my phone in a desk drawer to keep myself from getting distracted.

Well, there you have it. Tomorrow I’ll post my 2012 resolutions, which I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time thinking about.

Here’s to a great 2012!

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