#10: Breweries

Since I only have about two weeks left in California, I wanted to pay homage to the things I love most about it. They aren’t really in a particular order. Here goes…


Over the past year, I’ve really gotten into checking out different Bay Area breweries thanks to my good friend Molly. It’s funny because her and I have completely different taste in beer. She loves IPA’s and I can’t stand anything hoppy. But usually we are able to find enough good brews for the both of us. Here are the breweries I will miss the most:


You have probably had their IPA and you might even recognize the logo. I love Lagunitas because of the food, atmosphere and of course, the beer. I really enjoy Little Sumpin, but Molly would probably recommend the IPA, Hop Stoopid and the Gnarly Wine.

If you get a chance to make it out there, definitely try to go on a week day. I’ve heard that the tours are better then than on the weekends. But the weekends are awesome there too! There is usually live music and people can bring their dogs and kids. They also have a lot of really great special events. I recently attended the Lagunitas Beer Circus and had the time of my life!

Russian River Brewing Co.

Located in beautiful Santa Rosa, CA, Russian River is a must. They have amazing food (I recommend the Beer Bites) and the beer is great. They specialize in sour beers which may sound weird, but I really, really enjoyed it.

And Santa Rosa is just a really cool little town to check out. Definitely make it a day trip to walk around the town then head to the brewery for some day drinking.


Moylan’s is a really cute pub with great bar food. The nachos are rad.

I’m a big fan of their Black and Orange (in honor of the Giants winning the 2010 World Series) and the Pomegranate Wheat. Plus, they sell really cheap pub glasses that are pretty funny. Definitely picked one of those up.

So, cheers to you Nor Cal breweries! You will be missed.










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