Social media personas I love

So last week I mapped out for you the social media character types that I really can’t stand. As I promised in that post, here is the flip side. These are the types of social media personas that I follow diligently and re-blog and retweet to my heart’s desire.

1) The Sharp Tongue

I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to have an immature sense of humor… those of you who know me best can probably attest to that fact. So naturally, I love bloggers and tweeters who exemplify that immature (and sometimes dirty) sense of humor. I’m also a sucker for celebrity gossip (lame, I know), so when you put those two together, there is a great shot I’m reading your blog. While I do check out Perez Hilton every other day or so to update myself on gossip, I never go a day without reading Dlisted. Michael K is absolutely hilarious. From his “Hot Slut of the Day” feature to his banters about “Mah Boo” Anderson Cooper, he keeps me rolling in laughter all while keeping me up with the Kardashians. Who could ask for more?

There are also quite a few Twitter feeds that I enjoy.

They include: @FakeAPStyleBook, @NotGaryBusey@StellaRTwot@theandyorr and @skittlesbeard

2) The Creative

I love typography, photography and graphic design. Thankfully Tumblr exists to assuage my appetite for creativity. Some of my favorite Tumblr accounts to follow are: I Love Chartsideaboner (Note: a lot of his stuff is NSFW) fuckyeahhelvetica, hellonewyork, The Avid Eater and  Puffin’s Nest.

3) The Activist

As I’ve mentioned about a bagillion times in my blog, I am an AmeriCorps member and I really, really love community service. Lucky for me, there are a lot of other people out there who are just as passionate as I am about national service.

Some of the people I know through City Year that represent this well include: @MichaelMessina, @WStephenAnfield, @RomelAntoine, @Mamawooster, @LauraPeterPants and @MissnoTORIous

4) The (Interesting) Information Sharer

I’m a news junkie. Therefore I love it when people share interesting information with the world. One of my favorite places to get news from is I follow them on Twitter and receive an e-mail with one good piece of news a day. I like that it is a blogger and designer community where people can submit work and share, well, good news.

Some other folks that do a good job of sharing info include: @BillKuchman and @Ckanal

What are some of your favorite bloggers, tweeters, photographers or designers? I’m always down to find new addictions to follow…

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